Kitchen Scissors 7-in 1 Multi-Functional Come-Apart Shears Chicken Bone Shears

Material: ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel
Single Handle Length: 22.8cm ,Width: 7.4cm
Refrigerator Length: 18.8cm ,Width: 8.8cm
One Set Length: 23.5cm, Width: 8.6cm
1. Scissors with thick thick rivets combination, can rotate 360 °, easily separated from the two scissors, use more.
2. Smooth operation, scientific design of the handle, in line with the human hand arc, feel comfortable.
3. Removable, easier to clean, more features, more convenient. Uses: scraping scales, open beer, cut chicken bones, cut chicken wings, walnut folder, cut melon skin.
Package includes: Multi-Functional Shears *1, Refrigerator Magnet x*1, Boxed
Color Box Size: 23.5 * 9.5 * 2.5cm

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Kitchen Scissors 7-in 1 MultiFunctional Come-Apart Shears Chicken Bone Shears

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