Environmental And Durability Multi-Type Stainless Steel 10 Sets Of Spoon And Cup
Material: stainless steel 201 + silicone insulation
5 measuring cup Size:
1 / 8cup 30ML:
Total length: 14cm, cup diameter: 4cm
1 / 4cup 60ML:
Total length: 15cm, cup diameter: 5.5cm
1 / 3cup 80ML:
Total length: 16cm, cup diameter: 6cm
1 / 2cup 125ML:
Total length: 17cm, cup diameter: 7cm
1cup 250ML;
Total length: 18cm, cup diameter: 8cm

5 measuring spoons Size:
1 / 4tsp 1.25ML:
Total length: 11.5cm, Spoon diameter: 2cm
1 / 2tsp 2.5ML:
Total length: 12cm, Spoon diameter: 2.5cm
1tsp 5ML:
Total length: 12.5 cm, Spoon diameter: 2.7 cm
1 / 2tbsp 7.5ML:
Total length: 13cm, Spoon diameter: 3.3cm
1tbsp 15ML:
Total length: 13.5 cm, Spoon diameter: 4.5 cm

Features: Accurate measurement of various f ood ingredients
Product Features:
1. To avoid the breeding of bacteria.
2. Resistance to distortion, no deformation, no rust, corrosion resistance, durable.
3. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
4. High temperature, suitable for ovens and microwave ovens.
5. Any pull, easy to clean, into the dishwasher, into the refrigerator.
6. Accurate measurement of double-scale, handle at the silicone wrapped, insulated, non-slip, easy to clean.
1. Do not touch open flames.
2. Do not touch sharp objects.
3. Silicone mold is easy to electrostatic adsorption dust, less obvious, it is recommended to use before cleaning.
4. Product welding will be a little bit of welding traces.

Package contains:
5 *different capacity spoon
5 *different capacity measuring cup
1 * Key ring
colorful box package.
Box size: 18 * 8.5 * 9cm

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Environmental And Durability Multi-Type Stainless Steel 10 Sets Of Spoon And Cup

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