Table in a Bag Square Polyester Gingham Tablecloth Plaid Pattern Cloth 3 Colors
product description:
Fabric: polyester cotton
Ingredients: 70% cotton 30% polyester
Color: black, white, gray
Size1: 50" * 70"(132 * 178cm)
Size2: 60" * 84" (145 * 213cm)
Size3: 60"* 104"(145 * 264cm)
Size4: 60" * 120" (145 * 305cm)
1, polyester cotton has good moisture absorption and release properties, help to prevent skin allergies, comfortable and natural.
2, polyester-cotton antistatic ability, not easy to play ball, light and breathable, a thermal conductivity function.
3, polyester-cotton anti-wrinkle, fastness strong.
4, polyester-cotton natural environmental protection, health, a unique texture.

product manual:
Dimensional measurement: the product size, please tile size measurement shall prevail.
Error: the textile has a certain flexibility, and are manually sewn, there will be some error from top to bottom, 1-2 inches (1-3 cm) is with the normal range.
Shrinkage: As the material is different, the fabric will have a certain shrinkage of N water rate, the general cotton will be 1-2%, pure hemp will be 2-3%.
Fade: As the printing and dyeing process constraints, some fabrics will be in the first solid color wash, there is a slight fade phenomenon, this is floating color, non-quality problems.

Washing and maintenance:
1, washing is not easy to soak for too long, not hot water immersion.
2, medium temperature washing, gentle washing, not hard to scrub and wring.
3, to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
4, the middle of the reverse temperature ironing.
Packing: 1 * plaid pattern cloth

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Table in a Bag Square Polyester Gingham Tablecloth Plaid Pattern Cloth 3 Colors

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