Mini Vacuum Packing Machine F ood Sealer Heat Sealer Set Sealing Machine -British regulations

Product Parameters:
Material: ABS
Product Weight: 485g
Product Size: 36 * 5.4 * 5cm
Voltage: 220V
Plug: European Regulations
Power: 100W
Heat Sealing Length: 32cm
Work: Automatic + Manual
Package Contents: Mini Vacuum Sealing Machine * 1, Single-sided Pattern Vacuum Bag * 15 (Free)
Note: This machine vacuum must use the single-sided pattern vacuum bag, can fully automatic vacuum sealing, ordinary flat bag can only seal can not vacuum.

Product Features:
1, A separate sealing function.
2, Vacuum + sealing function
3, Artificial stop function, can master the progress of pumping and sealing.
4, Can be sucked in the refrigerator access, storage convenience.
5, Heating overload protection, safe and durable.
6, Easy to split, easy to clean.

Product Features:
1,Fully automatic one-key sealing function.
2, Automatic vacuum preservation function, into the refrigerator for longer storage.
3, The back of the sealing machine has two high-performance magnet to facilitate storage refrigerator.
4, Sealing tape, removable and washable, convenient and practical.
5, Compared to other sealing machine, noise, small size, easy to carry.

1, The f ood into the vacuum bag.
2, The bag on the sealed warehouse (the middle of two sponge)
3, Will be packed bags, do not exceed the baseline on both sides.
4, Close the lid, his hands were holding down the left and right sides of the lock, you can hear the click sound.
5, Press the light button, the machine runs.
6, The green light flashes, on behalf of the machine began to vacuum.
7, The red indicator light, on behalf of the machine sealed packaging.
8, The red indicator light to the green indicator light, complete vacuum packaging.

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Mini Vacuum Packing Machine F ood Sealer Heat Sealer Set Sealing Machine British

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