Name: Kang Sheng Audio Card Adapter Cooler Fan Golden
Material: PBT+ Aluminum
Rated Voltage: DV 12V
Power Input: 1.44W
Fan Speed: 2500
Noise Factor: 30 db
Product Size: 2.2*1.2*1.2cm
Product Weight: 30g
Function: Audio Card Adapte cooling

1. It uses high quality PBT and aluminum materials, energy saving and environmental protection, excellent heat and flame resistance flexible and durable.
2. It adopt high quality cooling fan design, help to dissipate heat and keep it safe and secure at the same time.
3. Quick fan running speed and heat dissipation with low noise.
4. Power interface is 4 pin plug, it won't take up the main board resources.

Package List
Cooler Fan * 1

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Audio Card Adapter Cooler Fan Golden

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