Name: Holster Phone Case for iPhone5/5C, transparency series, PC+TPU Black
Suit for: for iPhone5/5C
Colours: Black
Material: PC+TPU

1. Slim and Fortitude, perfect defender.
2. Adpot high quality, transparent PC material, with colourfull TPU edging, very fashionable.
3. Muitiple candy colours, ideal choice of Fashionista.
4. Because of PC Strong toughness, it is very endurable.
5. Muitiple bright colours for your option, it is not only for case but also for colourfull.

Case Cleaning
Clean with clear water and then dry it with soft cloth if the case isn't that dirty.
Toothpaste: clean silicone case with toothpaste or glasses cloth can achieve satisfactory results.
Rubber: use a rubber wipe the dust or crud away.
Cleaning agent: can use leather-special cleaning agent. You may choose professional maintenance if the advice is dirty.
Soap: If there is a small stain on silicone case, you can touch soap with wet finger and then to wipe.
Alcohol: alcohol scrub gently, and then dry soft cloth, also have a perfect effect.
It is only holster, phones or tablets are not included.

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Holster Phone Case for iPhone5/5C, transparency series, PC+TPU Black

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