Name: Plantronics Voyager Legend Business Bluetooth Earphone Universal Version Ear-Hook
Product Model: Voyager Legend
Color: Black
Product Type: Ear-Hook
Track: Single Track
Bluetooth Version: V3.0
Transmission Range: 10m
Continuous Call Time: 7 Hours
Standby Time: 264 Hours
Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
Product Size: Ear Hook 6*4.5cm, Microphone 6cmm
Product Weight: 18g

1. Plantronics Voyager Legend is a smart earphone, with Smart Sensor Technology, it can senses when the headset is
being worn so it will automatically answer calls as you place the headset on your ear or redirect audio to your phone when
you set down your headset
2. Built in trebling microphone DSP digital signal process, great noise reduction, built in 20 channel voice equalizer, echo
elimination, detecting side voice, with stainless steel windshield and built in electronic filter
3. Smart voice prompt function, English or Chinese for option, it can remind you remaining talk time, volume, etc
4. If you're already wearing it, the Voyager Legend announces who's calling and waits for you to say "Answer" or "Ignore"
(an ignored call is sent straight to voice mail)
5. Earphone battery indicator, check remaining capacity of batteries in your Iphones or Android 3.0 or above devices
6. Support connecting to 2 phones at the same time
7. The earphone adopts ergonomic design, comfortable to wear
8. Easy operation, with special mute, call, volume and switch button, convenient to use
9. The earphone comes with Large, Medium and Small Size earplug, choose them based on your need
10. The shell selects P2 nanometer coating moisture-proof technology
11. Support free downloading "Find My Headset" app in Google Store and process "My Headset Updater", so you can
update your earphone
Product Use Steps
1. Turn on the earphone, it will auto match when first use
2. Activate your phone Bluetooth, search new device, connect to "PLT_Legend", password "0000"
3. You will hear prompt tone when successfully pairing
4. To pair with different phones, Bluetooth devices or pair same phones again, just press the voice order button say "Pair
Mode" or press talking button for 8 seconds until you hear "Pairing", and do the connecting steps above again

Package Content
1 Pair of Earphone
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Power Adapter
3x Earplug
3x Earplug Pad
1x User Manual

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Business Bluetooth Earphone Universal Version Ear-Hook

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