Name: hautik camera lens for iPhone6 12x Long focal distance,metal, HD, Black
Model: iPhone6 12x Long focal distance, metal
Compatible with: iPhone6
Lens ratio: 12x
Field angle: 90
Material: Metal
Colours: Black
Product process: sandblasting oxidation process
Package Lists: Lens,Case,tripod,phone holder,Lens wiping cloth,package box

1.It is compatible with iPhone6.
2.Lens adopts high quality HD green film optical glass.
3.12x Lens ratio, it can capture more clear picture in long distance.
4.Metal meterial, sturdy and durable.
5.This lens enable you easily enjoy photography and find the instant beauty of the world.
6. Currently, this one is the best mobile phone telephoto lens in market, the best image quality, high-definition, samll distortion. Shadow Noirethe will not appear on any phones.
7.The tripod is included, which will enable you to take steady telephoto shots, or time delay your shot so you can appear in the frame.
8. The hard case and phone holder provided allows you to easily screw in the lens - no need for glues or damaging adhesives.
Suit For
Watching game or concert.
Observingh plants and animals.
News reporter shooting in long-range, or private detectives photographed.
Geological exploration, forestry management, railway and port scheduling.
Traffic control management department forensics, public prosecution and law enforcement forensics .
It is only lens, phones or tablets are not included.

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camera lens for iPhone6 12x Long focal distance,metal, HD, Black

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