Title: Ying Shi 8005 Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Blood Oxygen Monitor Pink
Model: 8005
Color: Pink
Application Part: Finger
Application Scope: Ward Care, Home Health Care, Patient Testing, Outpatient Medical
Display: OLED Display with Alarm
Voltage Range: 2.6 to 3.6 volts
Power Supply: 2 Pcs AAA Battery (Not Included)
Working Power:<30 mA
Product Weight: 50g
Product Size: 8.5*7.0*4cm

1. Easy to operate, when using, please put the finger into the device that through a photodetector to collect data, and then
display the results on the screen
2. Mini size and light weight, it is widely used in hospitals, home health care, oxygen bar, community medical centers,
cold areas, sports and health care etc.
3. Low power consumption, and current battery status displayed on the screen, please note the low battery may influence
the device working
4. Auto 4-directions screen rotating
5. OLED screen color, SpO2 waveform
6. Accuracy ± 4% or even 0.1% below the low perfusion
7. Monitoring parameters: SpO2
8. Measuring range: 36 - 99%
9. Resolution: 1%; Accuracy: 70% - 99% ± 2%
10. Pulse repetition frequency (PR); Measuring range: 30 bpm - 250 bpm
11. bpm solution: 1; Accuracy: 1% or 1 bpm
12. Accuracy: Between 70% and -99% ± 2%

Package List
1x Pulse Oximeter
1x Package
1x Sling
1x User Manual

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Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Oxygen Monitor Pink

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