Name: VINSIC Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer Thermal Transmitter Receiver v003
Product Model: v003
Color: White
Transmitter Charging Voltage: 5V
Receiver Charging Voltage: 5V
Measuring Range: 32-557℉
Battery Capacity: Transmitter/Receiver 300mA
Wireless Working Range: 100m
Packaged Weight: 442.75g
Product Net Weight: 385g
Product Size: 28*21*4.5cm
Packaged Size: 32.2*24.15*5.18cm

1. Wireless cooking thermometer, double probes, comes with transmitter and receiver, easy and convenient to use
2. Double probes can measure food temperature and fired temperature, support ℉/℃ switch
3. If measuring temperature is out of working range or measuring time, it will give out alarm and flicker
4. Longest wireless working range up to 100m, very useful when in open space
5. 300mA chargeable lithium battery, long lifespan
6. Food measuring range: 32-572℉, acquiescent 176℉, maximum fired temperature range 140-572℉, acquiescent 176℉,
minimum fired temperature 32-554℉, acquiescent 50℉

Package Content
1x Transmitter
1x Wireless Receiver
2x Probe

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Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer Thermal Transmitter Receiver

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