Title: Magnetic Window Cleaner Double Side Glass Wiper Cleaner 1571 Rose Red
Model: 1571
Color: Rose Red
Type: Glass Wiper
For: 5-28mm Thickness Double Glass
Material: ABS / Natural Rubber Strip / NdFeB Magnet
Function: Glass Cleaning
Size: 15.5*12.5*9cm

1. Adjustable magnetic to fit different type thickness glasses
2. Glides along the glass resulting in a dry streak free window
3. Ideal for home windows, greenhouses, car windows, conservatories etc
4. Cleans Inside and Outside window at the same time
5. Do not pinch, double glazing can be used
6. Wipe tape, soft and wear-resistant, anti-acid and has long use life
7. Button scouring pad, fixed firmly
8. Built-in NdFeB special strong magnetic materials, super magnetic

Package Content
1X Wiper Cleaner

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Magnetic Window Cleaner Double Side Glass Wiper Cleaner Rose Red

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