Title: Universal Tie-Clip Microphone Clipper Microphone For Voice Amplifier
Product Type: Office Stationery
Color: Black
Impedance: 480KΩ
Microphone Size: 15mm
Plug Port: 3.5mm
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: -47db±3db
Cable Length: 1.1 Meters
Received Mode: Wired
Monomer Structure: Capacitor
Directivity: Full Directivity
Components: Transistors
Packaged Size: 16*5*5cm

1. Small and compact design allows you to easily clip it to your shirt, tie or pocket
2. High response sensitivity, clear sound quality
3. Special plastic clip, won't damage the your cloth, and very stable
4. The directivity radio, can make accurate radio in a certain direction, to reduce environmental noise
1. Turn off power and volume before wearing it properly
2. Make the white line on microphone in direction with mouth
3. Direction microphone, make the two holes on microphone align with mouth
4. The most suitable distance between mouth and receiver is 10-15 mm
5. Put the receiver in the corresponding socket plug into the host
6. Put the microphone plug into the host corresponding port
7. Rough and frequency plug may cause damage to the plug

Package Content
1x Clip Microphone

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Universal Tie-Clip Microphone Clipper Microphone For Voice Amplifier

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