Name: WKJL Infrared Mobile Intelligent Remote Control Dust Plug for Apple Products IOS White
Product Material: Gold Plating Stainless Steel
Color: White
Suitable: for Apple Products
System Version: IOS7 or above
Maximum Remote Control Range: 5-10m
Install Type: Insert in Phone Jack
Product Size: 2*0.5*0.5cm
Packaged Size: 2.3*0.58*0.58cm
Product Net Weight: 38g
Packaged Weight: 43.7g

1. Special design infrared remote control dust plug for Apple products, work with app, you can remote control appliances by Apple products
2. Tiny and delicate remote control, unique rotary switch design, won't affect you when you have calls
3. Comes with IOS app, compatible with most household appliances, easy to operate, it can control TV, DVD, etc
4. Selects high quality gold plating stainless steel, very sensitive and durable, no power consumption and radiation
5. Rotary switch, rotate 90° to switch on and off, no need to pull out, switch it off when having a call, only 45° for iPhone
6s/6sp because of different design
6. Reasonable insert design, still firm even with phone case
7. Comes with useful accessories, soft rubber sleeve and key ring, convenient to carry with you, won't lost
How to Use
1. Enter to App Store, search and download App
2. Put the Remote control into the phones earphone jack, and open the App, Revolve the remote control, when the
headset volume is displayed, the connection is successful, and then turn the volume up to the maximum
3. Align the Remote control at the electrical appliances, select and add remote control in software, select corresponding
type of electrical appliances and brand, then click the matching button, find effective remote control and save

Package Content
1x Infrared Remote Control Dust Plug
1x Rubber Sleeve
1x Key Ring

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Infrared Mobile Intelligent Remote Control Dust Plug for Apple Products IOS White

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