Name: SKM Man's Business Watch Golden Dial Plate Waterproof Watch Nylon Blue+White+Red Watchband 1181
Product Model: 1181
Color: Blue+White+Red
Watchband Material: Nylon
Shell Material: Electroplated Zinc Alloy
Movement Type: Quartz Movement
Watch Clasp: Single Fold Clasp
Dial Plate Shape: Circular
Display Mode: Needle
Battery Type: Original Japanese Battery 1 Year Lifespan
Water Resistant: 30m Depth
Product Size: 155-225mm Adjustable Watchband, Dial Plate Diameter 40mm, Thickness 6mm
Product Weight: 60g

1. Man's business watch, golden dial plate and needle, 6mm thick dial plate, shows elegance
2. Mirror frame only 1.2mm width, with blue spiral crown
3. Two needles design, with stereo metal scale, looks simple
4. Colorful watchband, selects high quality nylon material, with great air permeability, firm and durable
5. High quality quartz movement, high performance and shows accurate time
6. Selects high quality glass, wear resistant and durable
7. The bottom selects rigorous waterproof design, 30m depth waterproof
8. Stainless steel watch clasp, firm and durable
9. Please do not rollback the crown to adjust time, avoid damaging the movement
10. Please do not operate the watch between 21:00-3:00, avoid damaging the gear
1. Please do not wear it when you take a bath
2. Please do not approach to magnetic objects
3. Please send to professional maintain if the watch is soaking in water
4. Please remove the label and protection plate on the bottom before you wear the watch or it may cause rusting
5. Please do not contact to any solvent or chemicals or it may cause color changing or rusting
6. The watch work properly under normal temperature 5-35℃, the battery may damaged over 50℃ and the time may go
wrong under -10℃

Package Content
1* Watch

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Man's Business Watch Golden Dial Plate Waterproof Watch Nylon Blue+White+Red Watchband

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