Name: JianYan Car Paster Stereo Metal Paster Angel Wings Silver
Product Type: Car Paster
Color: Silver
Material: Luminous Material
Product Size: 110*90*1mm
Product Craft: Carved
Service Life: 3-5 Years
Product Net Weight: 36g

1. High quality paster, adopts environmental luminous material, with carved process, shows real color
2. The paster is waterproof, oil-proof, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant, durable and no color fading
3. Do not fold in case of wrinkles, please smooth out wrinkles before you pasting it, it won't affect overall result, to avoid
sticky, please be careful when pasting it
4. Paste it on your car after waxing for removing convenience, if there's some sticky left, clean it with pitch cleaner or
adhesive sticker cleaner, it won't damage your car paint
5. Handmade paster, if bubbles exist, just scratch them with scraper blade when pasting
6. The paster can be used for once, remove it and you cannot paste it again, remove the transfer membrane while you
pasting, or bubbles may exist

Package Content
1x Paster

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Car Paster Stereo Metal Paster Angel Wings Silver

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