Title: SWISSGEAR SA-7667 Student Bag Traveling Bag Computer Backpack Red
Model: SA-7667
Color: Red
Main Material: Nylon, Polyester,
Buckle Type: NIFCO Professional Flexible Buckle
Ingress Protection: Water Resistant
Product Size: Height 43cm, Width 29cm, Thickness 13cm
Product Weight: 1100g

1. Swiss Army Knife Backpack for 14.6 inch laptop computer
2. Made of quality nylon and polyester material of wear and water resistant feature
3. Large capacity and multi-function and organized pockets for your convenience
4. Back part AIRFLOW design, breathable and comfortable
5. Handheld belt anti-slip design
6. Metal zipper, smooth and durable
1. Avoid damage caused by negligence, accident, exposure in extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water and man-made etc..
2. Non-leather material products should be washed in cold water, clean, and hang up wind place to dry
3. Leather material product should be clean with special leather cleaner, and hang up wind place to dry
4. While not use, please put in the inside soft filler in order to prevent deformation wrap

Package Content
1x Backpack

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Student Bag Traveling Bag Computer Backpack Red

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