name: passport folder three-dimensional passport holder
Brand: Other
Product Pattern: Che Guevara Pattern
Product Material: PU protective cover
size: 14 * 9.6cm can put the file size: 13.5 * 9.6cm or less Product weight: 35g

Product Features
* 1. Passport protection cover made of high quality PU fabric, waterproof performance is good, wear durable
* 2. embossed process, so that the surface of the vivid presentation of three-dimensional fresh fruit, fine high quality
* 3. Protective case In addition to the passport, the left side also connected a 9.9 * 7.3cm ID card case, can also be used to put bank cards, but also can be caught air tickets or other immigration information
* 4. In the middle of the protective cover there is a rubber band, you can fix the original passport sets, effective protection of passports, ID cards, tickets and other passport sets of documents, to prevent missing
* 5. Multiple documents placed in the protective cover, all the required documents unified storage, to avoid the bag and other items in the friction caused by fouling, or cause something inside the bag chaos hard to find, convenient and safe
* 6. Dust, anti-fouling, waterproof effect is good, effective protection of various types of documents

packing list
* Passport protective cover * 1

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passport folder three-dimensional passport holder

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