Name: Man Wu Wig Tie On Ponytail Banded Curly Hair Wig 30J
Product Type: Hair Wig
Wig Color Number: 30J
Product Material: Chemical Fiber Filament
Hair Dye&Perm: Straighten, Curly
Product Length: 50cm
Product Width: 10cm
Product Net Weight: 90g
Wearing Way: Tie On

1. Selects high quality chemical fiber filament high temperature hair, well luster, harmless and no side effect to your skin,
long lifespan, comfortable to wear
2. This product deal with special process, color and luster are very close to real hair
3. Looks like real hair, soft and glossy, easy to make style
4. High temperature resistant wig, it can be straighten or curling
Wig Maintenance Method
1. Please do not approach to heat
2. The wig can be permed, dyed and cut
3. Wash the wig once a month or two months, depends on your wearing frequency
4. Please wash it with cold or warm water, and common liquid shampoo is enough
5. Please do not use hair dryer, dry it with towel but do not twist it, do not expose it under sunshine
6. Please do not comb it immediately after wash it, comb it after the wig dry
7. Please comb the wig with special design comb
8. It the wig tie knots after long time use, do not pull it, spray some care solution on it and untie it gently
9. Please do not spray gel water or pomade or something like it on the wig
Wig Cleaning
1. Before wash wig, comb the wig from the bottom up, then from top to bottom
2. Cool water better, wash it with liquid shampoo or wig care solution, mix them with 1:10 ratio, soak the wig about 15
minute before wash it
3 Comb the wig after wash it, dry it with towel but do not twist it, hang it in shady and cool with great ventilating place, do
not expose it under sunshine, do not use hair dryer
4. When it almost dry, shake it gently and put some care solution on it

Package Content
1x Wig

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Wig Tie On Ponytail Banded Curly Hair Wig 30J

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