Title: Plastic Flower 12 Roller Face Up Roller Massager Beauty Tool
Product Type:Creative Living Products
Color: Pink with Yellow
Product Material: Nylon, Polypropylene
Packaged Size: 220*70*30mm
Packaged Weight: 90g

1. This Face Up Roller features 12 roller wheels, it is an ideal massage tool for lifting your face, enhancing the elasticity of your skin.
2. With this Face Up Roller, you can massage your cheeks, to improve blood circulation, and shape up your face line,
massage your face and neck, etc.
3. The first part of the wheel: scroll the face curve up
4. The second part of the wheel: little pressure, enhance the compact face
5. The third part of the wheel: to do the massage
6. Method: first clean the face, and then use the product massage the face from the chin up to the temple about 10 minutes
1. Keep it out of reach of children
2. Gently use it with care
3. Clean the product with water, and air dry
4. Appropriately use it to massage your face
5. Not for sensitive skin or eczema, acne and other abnormal skin etc.
6. Do not used for other purposes

Package Content
1x Face Up Roller

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Plastic Flower 12 Roller Face Up Roller Massager Beauty Tool

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