Title: Massage Comb USB Port Power
Product Type: Creative Living Products
Color: Black
Product Material: ABS Plastic, Rubber Nylon
Rated Voltage: DC3V
Rated Power: 1W

1. Health vibrating massage comb, massage comb long-term use, can effectively prevent colds, hypertension, cerebral
arteriosclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer's
2. The shell is made of high quality ABS plastic, rubber rubber comb the needle using nylon material, good insulation,
the use of safety
3. Comb back can also be used as points of body massage, eliminate neck and shoulder muscle fatigue and tension
4. wet and dry hair all can be used, effectively reduce the short hair, the use of two minutes a day, increase blood circulation, make the hair follicles to absorb more oxygen and nutrients
5. Product battery-powered, easy to use, battery not included

Package Content
1x Massage Comb
1x User Manual

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Massage Comb USB Port Power

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