Barbecue Suit Teflon PTFE -60-260 ℃ Easy to Clean Product information:
Color: barbecue mat is gold, oil brush is red
Material: Paste mat is the Teflon (by the glass fiber cloth above the coating of chemical stability and high temperature of the polytetrafluoroethylene, after a special process from processing) oil brush is high grade silicone
Size: 40 * 30cm (16 * 12in) pad mat thickness 0.2MM, oil brush is 21 * 3.5cm (8 * 1.5in)
1. Anti-sticking is particularly good, the surface coating PTFE, very smooth, not easy to stick remains.
2. Easy to clean the surface attached to a variety of grease, stains or other attachments, etc., can be used repeatedly.
3. Temperature range, conventional temperature -60-260 ℃, instantaneous temperature up to 360 ℃
4. Safety, through the FDA high-grade testing and certification, harmless to eating.
Cushion Application:
1. Charcoal grill
2. Electric oven
3. Oven
4. As a pretreatment surface, the application of its anti-stick characteristics, can be used to process dough work desk
5. Can be used as BBQ barbecue gasket
6. Microwave oven used as oven gasket:
Oven - on the bottom of the oven or on the bottom of the oven. Steam oven - on the bottom of the oven, can not be directly on the bottom.
5 X Barbecue pad , 1 X oil brush

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Barbecue Suit Teflon PTFE -60-260 ℃ Easy to Clean

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