Title: Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set 10 Piece Cooking & Baking Tool Sets US005
Brand: GLS Model: US005 Color: Red
Material: Silicone, Stainless Steel Large Spatula: 27*5.2cm 88g Soup Ladle: 28.6*9cm 97g
Food Tongs: 27*3.8cm 120g Powder Catch: 28.5*5.6cm 75g Leak Shovel: 30.4*8cm 75g
Butter Scraper: 28*6 73g Draining Spoon: 27*5.9cm 74g Small Spatula: 20.6*4cm 45g
Brush: 21*3.5cm 42g Eggbeater: 25*5.8cm 39g Color Box Size: 36*10*9cm
Packaged Weight: 850g
*1. Complete 10-piece kitchen with basic amenities to meet your daily needs, suitable for a variety of food cooking, mixing,
baking. A variety of kitchen accessories, so you experience the master level of cooking. 10 packs included:1 x food
tongs,1 x eggbeater,1 x small brush,1 x large spatula,1 x small spatula,1 x draining spoon,1 x powder catch,1 x butter
scraper,1 x Leak shovel,1 x soup ladle
*2. High temperature, cold, our kitchen can withstand low temperature -40 ° C, high temperature +30 ° C, which can be
used for frozen food, microwave oven can also be used safely. Not easy to change color melting. Ergonomic design,
non-slip grip design, not easy to scald
*3. Use safe,durable and easy to clean. Unlike most other weak silicone cookers, this high-quality nylon core makes the
silicone device more robust. It is easy to clean, only need to wipe in hot water or throw it in the dishwasher. Soft silicone is
durable and does not scratch, wear or damage your cooking utensils, ideal non-stick cooking utensils and baking pan
*4. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-stick, durable, safe, easy to clean, change your safe and comfortable kitchen
environment, living environment. Let you from the delicious meal to the indulgent dessert, have a perfect experience,
whether you are professional or amateur, are worth having
*5. The 10-piece high-quality kitchenware covers all your daily needs without having to spend your time purchasing a
separate kitchen product. Add a fresh kitchenware to your or your parents' house to give you a fresh feel and make your
cooking life more enjoyable
*6. non-toxic, non-stick, durable, safe, easy to clean; Comfortable to use, and long handles which are great for reaching into deep pots.
Package Content
1x 10 Pieces Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set
1x Color Packing Box

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Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set 10 Piece Cooking & Baking Tool Sets US005

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