Title: NanoJ 100% Cotton Bib Baby Toddler Bibs Double Layers Peppa Pig Print Hydrophobic Stains-resistant 3pcs/pack
Brand: NanoJ
Product Type: Teething Bibs
Color: White with Peppa Pig Print
Material: Cotton 180w
Closure: Triple Adjustable
Snap Buttons
Feature: Antibacterial, Stains-resistant,
Product Size: 39*21cm
Certification: SGS, AATCC
Raw Material: Imported 100% Natural Cotton
from California, USA

*1. MAGIC BIB - Peppa Pig likes taking care of her younger brother George, while George always make the clothe dirty
when eating, so Peppa Pig turned out a magical bib so that George can keep cloth clean while dinner, Peppa Pig and her
friends all have the non-dirty dining bibs. Maybe you also need such a bib, pure natural cotton + NanoJ technology,
Antibacterial, Stains-resistant, Breathable and Quick-Drying bibs for your lovely kids.
*2. 100% NATURAL COTTON - Raw materials Cotton from the United States, California, cotton origin, top grade quality
and no pollution, skin-friendly and very soft, baby wearing it may feel very comfortable
*3. NANOJ TECHNOLOGY FABRICS - nano-fabric is the fabric that in the process of cotton spinning nano molecular
technology to transform the formation of non-peel nano-sequence matrix material, and then nano-technology will be
woven into a woven fabric yarn, made it to bib, so that Cotton material with hydrophobicity antifouling properties
*4. HYDROPHOBICITY, STAINS-RESISTANT, EASY-CLEANING - Ordinary fabric stained with colored liquid will be
absorbed immediately, leaving traces on the clothes, HOWEVER the nano-technology fabrics accidentally stained liquid
water will become a bead-like, will not be easily absorbed by the fabric, you can wipe or clean it with a regular paper towel
*5. ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTI-ODOR, NanoJ technology is hydrophobic fabric, the bacteria are hydrophilic, bacteria can not
into the fabric, so it can effectively isolate most of the bacteria and fungi; NanoJ technology fabrics can also be effective
in preventing food taste adsorption in the bib above, thus effectively anti-odor
*6. BREATHABLE, QUICK-DRYING - Bibs treated with NanoJ technology, it is of better breathable and quicky-drying
feature, and air drying speed speed up 80% than ordinary cotton apron
*7. GENUINE AUTHORIZATION - Double layer with different Peppa Pig Print and they are genuine authorization
*8. ADJUSTABLE - Each bib features 3 nickel-free snaps adjustable in size. Snap waterproof baby and toddler bibs for
ages ranging from 3-36 months. The snaps are secure, making it difficult for infants and toddlers to unfasten, but easy for
parents to snap on and off. Grows along with your little one!
*9. AUTHORITY TESTING AND CERTIFICATION - NanoJ fabric through the testing and certification of United States
AATCC135, and SGS-A Class baby clothing international standards

Package Content
3x Bib

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100% Cotton Bib Baby Toddler Bibs Double Layers Peppa Pig Print 3pcs/pack

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