Are you still using common headset to chat and sing on computer? Are you still directly inserting the microphone to sing on computer? Are you still having a headache for a good sound card?
Are you still bothered by having no good singing device, although you are born with a good voice?
The product adopts the top reverb chip, perfectly supports double chorus, independent control and user-friendly feature, manually regulates the voice volume, designs the universal RCA jack without drive, the aluminum alloy CNC shell has better shielding performance.
The product integrates 6 features, with the most professional Karaoke device system:
1. The first powerful Function: Professional reverb: an ordinary sound card has no reverb effect, and it goes without saying that the song directly from a microphone without reverb is unpleasant to hear.
2. The second powerful Function: Pure KTV effects: The product not only has the reverb effect, but also has the real damping tone, so that your singing tone at home is as perfect as that in KTV.
3. The third powerful Function: Audio amplification Function: With A937 product, you can passionately sing at conference, stage and home.
4. The fourth powerful Function: Connect musical instrument: With musical accompaniment, you can record and sing while playing guitar, oh year! It is absolutely a pleasure!
5. The fifth powerful Function: Shield current interference: When a common microphone or headset or other device is directly inserted to the computer, a big current sound can be heard, with the unique product design and unique power shielded line, this Function can filter out very pure sound, and the sound effect is comparable to the real concert.
6. The sixth powerful Function: Independent control Function: You can independently control the accompaniment volume and let you sing with ease.
A933 is a multi-Functional analog sound console, more than merely a microphone effector, it is also a preamplifier system, Karaoke or reverberator, and the powerful hardware special reverb effect not only plays the music on computer or other audio player, but also allows you to hear the perfect combination of your voice and music like a professional singer. In addition, the product also enables mixing, reverb, delay, reverb volume regulation and other Functions of professional sound console. In this way, you can easily become the DJ of yourself, make independent control, mellow bass, exercise your affection and understanding to music to the fullest, without delay, without noise, the sound will be clean and transparent, or mellow and charming! The unique middle and high-end microphone optimized design which is popular in the market will perfectly fulfill your degree of professionalism.

Product features
Support reverb, mix, echo, delay and other Karaoke special effects
Use external power supply, universal power supply DC12V
Support pure recording or mixing, alternatively used for independent PC or family recording connection device
Support a variety of sound cards (PC integrated sound card, external independent USB sound card)
Support two sets of microphone input (6.3mm TRS), enable the simultaneous double singing Function
Support a set of output (headphone or speaker)
Support high-quality microphone amplifier, support multimedia microphone, dynamic microphone, self-powered capacitor microphone.
Support TS or TRS input
Two sets of control knobs, one for microphone volume, and the other for reverb volume
A set of Music-In RAC stereo jacks, a set of Music-Out RCA stereo jacks, a set of video I/O RCA jacks.
Audio I/O: RCA stereo jack
Power supply: Universal power supply DC12V
Net weight: 321g
Product with package weight: 555g
Product dimensions: 130mm(L) X 84mm(W) X 30mm(H)
Package size: 20cm(L) X 18cm(W) X 5.5cm(H)

Packing list
1 X A933 Mini Karaoke sound console
1 X 3.5mm (plug) to 3.5mm(plug) (length: 150CM)
2 X 3.5mm(bus) to RCA (length: 50CM)
1 X 100-240V power adapter (DC12V), American Standard, power cord length: 100CM

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